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Born and raised in the Netherlands, Liesbet always had a big passion for traveling. Traveling all around the world, she found her new home in Costa Rica about 12 years ago.

Liesbet decided to turn her passion into her dream job, and created a small travel agency named 'Natural Mystic Travel'. Starting to create custom made itineraries in Costa Rica, her company expended to the neighboring country Panama; "Panama Travel Specialist'.

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Nadieh was Liesbet's first addition to her 'dream team' when the work load got bigger than she expected. They met each other in Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica, and turned their friendship into a successful work relationship.


Apart from surfing and exploring the stunning beaches in Central America, Nadieh is very passionate about putting together unique vacation trips and managing the growing team.  

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When Liesbet offered Antoinette the opportunity to leave The Netherlands behind and join her team in Costa Rica, she did not have to think twice. Within a month she packed her bags and made Costa Rica her new home.

Creating English & Dutch tailor-made trips, Antoinette is also specialized in the German market and takes on every challenge to make every trip up to your wishes...

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Simone started of as a group Tour Guide through several countries in Central America in 2008. Originally she planned to go back to the Netherlands, but very fast her 3 months turned into 8 years. 


With great love and pleasure she has shown many travelers the most beautiful places in Central America before she decided to join Liesbet and her team in Costa Rica. With lots of knowledge and enthusiasm Simone was the missing piece to the team.

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The youngest addition to Liesbet´s team is the 23 year old Katie. Growing up with her mom being a flight attendant, it isn't strange she ended up living in Costa Rica at such a young age.


Speaking English, Spanish and Dutch fluently, Katie takes on many different challenges in the team such as client services, admin and back office work. 

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