The Arenal volcano is one of the most popular destinations in the country. With access to the  lush rainforest, waterfalls, a majestic volcano, the country’s largest lake, relaxing hot springs, a diverse selection of hotels, and many activities to do , it’s no wonder Arenal has become the adventure capital of Costa Rica.

Located at about 17km distance is the small town of La Fortuna, which is a picturesque little town that offers beautiful views of the volcano. A lovely place to stay while visiting this area and its many activities. 

THINGS TO DO AROUND the arenal volcano

The national park of Arenal offers many opportunities for animal spotting and enjoying the lush vegetation. The diversity of climatic circumstances, together with the soil condition and the height, have contributed to the diversity of the height vegetation and the plant communities, of which the bromelia is endemic. When walking through the park you will possibly spot many animals, such as coati, mountain goats , anteaters, grey foxes , Pekari, Tayra , howler monkeys , white-faced capuchin monkeys , spider monkeys , ocelots , puma´s , and tapirs.

Besides the national park there are the hot springs which cannot be skipped while visiting here. The naturally warmed waters are the ultimate relaxation experience. For travellers looking for more adventure there are also many outdoor activities possible. 

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Hot Springs of La Fortuna with Lunch or Dinner

Owing mostly to its large number of volcanoes, the rich landscape of Costa Rica is dotted with thermal hot springs that come in every size, shape, and temperature imaginable. Some are elaborate and luxurious, allowing you the opportunity to sip a martini at a wet bar or unwind in a private heated nook, while others are a bit more playful, supplying guests with a sampling of water slides and deep pools to plunge into. Below we have listed our 3 favorite options in La Fortuna:  

  • Baldi Hot Springs , $55 p.p.
    Includes: 25 swimming pool (different temperatures) natural sauna, tropical gardens, amazing Arenal Volcano view and a delicious diner buffet

  • Ecotermales , $65 p..p
    Includes: four pools. They vary in temperature from 99° Fahrenheit to 105° (37° to 41° C). One of the pools features a man-made waterfall. Meals at here are served buffet style. You can choose from two hot entrees, and then help yourself to salad ingredients, fruits, the soup of the day, and a selection of Costa Rican desserts.


  • Tabacon Hot Springs , $95 p.p.
    Included: There are five different springs at Tabacón. Temperatures within the springs range from 77 °F (25 °C) to 122 °F (50 °C). A thermal river (heated by the volcano) flows in two main channels throughout the resort. There is a cold river that winds through the property as well. 


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La Fortuna Hanging Bridges

The Arenal Hanging Bridges near the Arenal Volcano are a beautiful, environmentally-friendly tourist attraction that's perfect for nature enthusiasts of all ages and specially-suited for families with young children. At the Arenal Hanging Bridges you will be able to enjoy the abundant biodiversity that exists in this private natural reserve. The trails are designed for all ability levels and cover a total of 2 miles and 17 bridges. A must see when visiting Costa Rica. .

Price guided tour: $55 p.p.

Price self-guided tour: $35 p.p.


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Rio Pacuare Rafting

The Pacuare River is one of the best choices for your adventure treks in Costa Rica. No other trip in the country exists that offers you a perfect blend of wilderness exposure and excitement, all in one day.

Pacuare is world famous for its sheer beauty. It is not an overly challenging river, but it has a lot of rapids, therefore giving you an adventure filled with lots of fun.


The 18-mile one day run includes a total of 52 rapids of class II - III. During this trip you will raft through the famous Pacuare River Gorge, which is 5 miles of some of the best white water Costa Rica has to offer.

Price: $110 p.p.


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Caño Negro Day Tour

After a beautiful drive from La Fortuna, through the Costa Rican countryside you will enjoy a peaceful ride in a covered motorboat along the Rio Frio to appreciate the beautiful nature and wildlife in this unique area of Costa Rica. This is considered one of the richest areas in biological diversity in Costa Rica and the world! On the Caño Negro tour, you’ll have the opportunity to see a great variety of rare tropical birds, three different species of monkeys, as well as iguanas, Jesus Christ lizards, three-toed sloths, turtles, and caimans!

Includes a delicious lunch on the river!

Price: $85 p.p.


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Arenal Volcano National Park

On this hike along the trails of Arenal National Park we will enter into the tropical forest and areas which were once devastated by the fury of the volcano. During the hike, it is possible to see a great variety the area’s characteristic flora and fauna, as well as sites of interest like the impact craters and on to the Lava slides of 1992, a large accumulation of solidified volcanic material ejected from the crater of this might colossus, during the very active period of that year. On clear days, you will enjoy incredible views of the impressive Arenal Volcano, Arenal Lake, the Tilarán mountain range, and Cerro Chato.

Your nature guide will provide you with important and interesting information about the main characteristics of the volcano, which has been active since 1968 and many more details about all of the things you will encounter along the trail

Price: $55 p.p.


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Mountain Biking Arenal Volcano

Come explore the countryside as you pedal by the extraordinary scenery of the Arenal Volcano! Costa Rica is famous for mountain biking because of its beautiful scenery and variety of trails. In fact, world renown adventure races like Ruta de los Conquistadores take place here! On this tour, we’ll ride along beginner/intermediate-level rolling hills with surrounding views of the breathtaking Arenal Volcano and spectacular jungle. 

Price: $85 p.p.


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Gravity Falls Waterfall Jumping

Deep down in the Costa Rican jungle, lies Costa Rica's Most EXTREME Tour! Jump off high canyon walls into deep, crystalline pools of water and rappel down rushing waterfalls! An authentic Costa Rican jungle expedition experience awaits you near the Arenal Volcano!

Lunch is included!

Price: $145 p.p.


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Lost Canyon Adventure

This Arenal, Costa Rica canyoning adventure tour will take you where very few have had the privilege to roam: The Lost Canyon! Grab your helmet, strap on a harness and get ready for the adventure of a lifetime! Canyoning is a very popular activity in La Fortuna because the rugged, mountainous terrain near the Arenal Volcano.


The perfect place for first-timers and experienced canyoning enthusiasts. Trek deep into the rainforest and rappel some of the most-impressive tropical waterfalls in Costa Rica in the Lost Canyon!

Price: $115 p.p.


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Balsa River Rafting Class II / III

Challenge yourself as you paddle down 10 kilometers of fun, rolling rapids!

You’ll combine exciting rapids with the chance to admire lush greenery and exotic birds and animals as you descend down this beautiful class 2-3 river. Your eagle-eyed guides will even point out the monkeys, sloths, and toucans along the way!

Enjoy a typical Costa Rican lunch at charming rural location after your day full of nature and adventure. Then, we’ll drive you back to your hotel in our comfortable, air-conditioned vans with FREE WiFi!

The Rio Balsa is the perfect rafting tour for first-timers, families with children (from age 10), nature lovers, outdoor enthusiasts, and people who are simply looking for a fun rafting adventure in Costa Rica!

Price: $80 p.p.