Costa Rica has been a popular destination for LGBTQ+ tourism for a couple of years now. It has developed a lot in this time, there are many gay-owned and gay-friendly hotels, bars, restaurants, tour operators, etc. around all over the country.

Even though there are some places with more businesses focused on LGBTQ+ tourism, there are no places in Costa Rica we do not recommend visiting as an LGBTQ+ traveller. Costa Rica is one of the most open-minded countries when it comes to LGBTQ+ travel, so don´t hesitate to come visit this beautiful country. 

Costa Rica has something for everyone. There are stunning beaches on both the Pacific as well as the Caribbean coast where you can relax or discover the amazing underwater world, and lush rain forests, cloud forests, and jungle with a great amount of wildlife to discover.

There are also many exciting activities to do such as rafting, canopy tours, hikes, or more relaxing activities such as beer or wine tastings in the capital or a catamaran tour during which you can relax on a boat all day!


Panamá is not as developed as Costa Rica when it comes to LGBTQ+ tourism in the sense that, besides in Panamá City, there are not many gay-owned businesses. This

doesn´t mean, however, that the hotels, tour operators, etc. here are not gay-friendly. 

In general, the locals in Panamá are friendly and open-minded, so there is no need to worry that you will experience any homophobia or discrimination while travelling through this country. Keep in mind though, that the main religion here is catholic and some people follow this way of living more strictly than others. 

Like Costa Rica, Panamá has a very wide variety of landscapes for you to enjoy. There are some stunning island groups (Bocas del Toro, Pearl Islands and San Blas Islands among others) that are worth visiting, as well as beautiful beaches on the mainland.

Besides beaches, Panamá has many other things to offer too. Panamá City is a wonderful destination with a lot of fun activities, beautiful architecture, and of course the Panamá Canal. For nature lovers we have some destinations that will amaze you as well.