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Costa Rica´s Top 10 Beaches

White sand, palm trees, lush jungle views, blue water...Is this what you picture when thinking of the perfect holiday? Then Costa Rica is the perfect destintion, with its many, stunning beaches, some of which even belong amongst the most beautiful beaches in the world!

Being real beach bums ourselves, we have made a top 10 of our favourite beaches for you.

1. Manuel Antonio Beach

This beautiful beach is located in the Manuel Antonio National Park and was ranked the 17th most beautiful beach in the world by TripAdvisor last year. Enjoy white sand, palmtrees, amazing wildlife and a stunning underwater world. You can either relax at this beach and tan in the warm sun, or occupy yourself with some snorkeling and explore the beautiful marine life here. The other beaches in the park Puerto Escondido, Gemelas and Espadilla are also worth visiting.

2. Santa Teresa

Located in the Nicoya Peninsula, this beach is very popular amongst surfers from all over the world. It is not always the best beach for swimming, but it is still a beautiful beach to visit and spend a day at. There are many wellness facilities and restaurants around too, which will allow you to relax completely while visiting here.

3. Flamingo Beach

A stunning beach in Guanacaste, located in a small, luxurious beach town. This beach is great for water activities such sport fishing, diving, boating and snorkeling. It is also one of the few, rare, pink sand beaches in the country. During certain periods of time the sand turns a pinkish hue, which is where the name flamingo comes from.

4. Playa Hermosa

This beach, located closeby Santa Teresa and Jacó, is ranked as the number 3 best beach in Central America on TripAdvisor. Besides being an absolute surfers´ paradise, it is a wonderful place to spend the day with your partner, family, or friends. The location is great too, as it is very accessible and has all the amenities needed within a short distance.

5. Playa Conchal

Playa Conchal is one of the most popular beaches in Costa Rica, and it has one very special feature; instead of sand this beach has shells! The beach is made up of millions of little pieces of sparkling white shells, with beautiful, baby blue waters. It is also located nearby a few national parks and biological reserves, and has a stunning viewpoint!

6. San Juanillo

This secluded beach is not visited by many tourists yet, but is definitely worth visiting during your holiday in Costa Rica. The waves are perfect for swimming in the clear blue water, and the white sand beaches offer a great opportunity for laying out, having a picnic, or taking a dip in the water. It is best to visit during high tide so that you can see the two stunning white sand shores!

7. Playa Samara

Samara is a cute, little beach town, with a stunning beach and breathtaking sunsets. It is a very versatile destination, perfect for travellers of all types! You can rent a board and surf the waves, go paddle boarding along the beautiful coastline, take boat tours, and spot dolphins and whales. If you come here during the right season you will also be able so see turtles hatching!

8. Tortuga Island

Tortuga Island is only accessible by boat from the Nicoya Peninsula. The beach here has incredibly clear water which makes it a perfect spot for snorkeling! The best way to visit this stunning island is by doing a day trip there, which can be done from Puntarenas, San José or Jacó.

9. Punta Uva / Arrecife

This beach is divided into two beaches with a viewpoint in the middle that offers breathtaking views of both beaches. Punta Uva is great for surfing, and has a river that is beautiful to kayak on and see wildlife. You can also kayak from Punta Uva to Arrecife and enjoy the view of the stunning coastline. Arrecife has some restaurants and cabinas, yet it is stretched far so it is rarely crowded.

10. Cahuita National Park

Our final favourite beach in the whole country is the beach in the Cahuita National Park. This beach stretches along the trail of the park and is a stunning view from beginning to end with its white sand and blue water. You can spot a lot of wildlife while relaxing here, and it has amazing snorkeling opportunities. This beach is the perfect mix between beach and jungle!

Of course there are many other beaches to explore too. It is always fun to ask locals what their favourite spots are and who knows, maybe you will discover a completely new, secluded piece of paradise!

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