Samara, located in the Nicoya Peninsula, is a small, vibrant coastal town with a great variety of hotels, restaurants and bars. It lies in very green area with very spacious and lightly coloured, sandy beaches with palmtrees. There is a beautiful surf which is not too strong and is safe due to the reef.


The stunning beach is at a walking distance from most hotels, and the calm bay with beautiful coral reef is a must see for snorkeling lovers as well as families with children.


 If the timing is right, you can also visit the beach Ostional where hundreds of turtles come to land to nest regularly. If you are lucky you will be able to witness this spectacle.


Samara has a very relaxed vibe and offers many opportunities for quiet beach days. However, there are also many activities that can be done such as taking a surf lesson or if you are already experienced taking a board and riding the waves,  going on a whale and dolphin tour, go kayaking and explore the coast on your own or with a guide, and don´t forget snorkeling! There are also plenty of cute restaurants along the main road where you can enjoy delicious food and nice, cold drinks. 

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Ocean Kayaking & Snorkeling

What better way to spend your Costa Rica vacation than kayaking to a tropical island and go snorkeling? A great opportunity to see the marine wildlife of Costa Rica's Pacific coast. Enjoy this beautiful tour both above and below the water. A wonderful way to experience the beauty of Playa Samara!

Price: $60 p.p.


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Ocean Standup Paddle Boarding

Get ready for the ultimate Stand Up Paddle experience on the ocean of Samara Beach! Your professional guide will give you instructions and the support you need to paddle across Samara’s tranquil bay to the pristine shores of Chora Island. There you will have an opportunity to swim, spot iguanas, enjoy fresh tropical fruit, and relax and soak up some rays on the most beautiful beaches in Costa Rica!

Price: $70 p.p.


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Turtle Observation Night Tour

Behold one of mother nature’s many rare occurrences, while helping to protect endangered species at the same time! The Turtle Observation Tour is one of the most popular tours in Samara beach because turtles rarely congregate like this in other parts of the world.


You will be taken to either Camaronal or Ostional beaches, depending on the season and depending on the moon cycle- this phenomenon only occurs once a month, generally during the beginning of the last quarter of the moon cycle. Stand back in awe while witnessing hundreds and sometimes thousands of turtles laying their eggs on the beach. Your presence helps defend the eggs from predators, strengthening the turtle species and allowing them to grow, reproduce and thrive!

Price: $60 p.p.


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Palo Verde National Park Tour

This Palo Verde National Park boat tour provides the perfect blend of nature and culture in Costa Rica.

Take a fascinating boat ride in Palo Verde National Park, the home of the largest wetlands in Costa Rica! You'll be amazed by the many birds that migrate to Palo Verde such as spoonbills, herons, egrets, ducks and even the great curassow. From there, visit local artisans and learn about the Guaitil pottery ceramic making process. A perfect way to spend your day in Guanacaste!

Price: $125 p.p.